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The Waggletooth Origin Story

From Waggletooth's Founder, Dr. Evie Sabet

As a dentist I understand the science behind bad breath and poor oral health. Dental disease doesn't just affect humans, but it is also the cause of a variety of diseases in dogs. By age three, upwards of 80% of dogs have developed some form of dental disease. Dogs experience the world through their nose and mouth. If they do not have a healthy mouth, they cannot enjoy life! 
When I finished creating my patented dog toothbrush, I began researching the quality and ingredients of toothpaste, water additives and dental chews for dogs.
After reviewing all the products currently on the market, I decided that our dogs deserve better. Just as I have recommended the best products for my human patients, I wanted the same, for not only my pup, but yours as well. So I created a line of canine oral health products like no other brand on the market. The Waggletooth line gets to the root cause of bad breath and oral disease by combining natural cleansing agents, enzymes and targeted oral probiotics. All of our products are made right here in the United States from ingredients thoughtfully selected by a human dentist that wants the best for your pooch's smile. Designed by a dentist and formulated by a veterinarian, Waggletooth has created a new way of caring for your dogs health. 

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