Meet Dr. Evie


Dr. Evie Sabet, DDS - Founder 

There has always been a dog in Dr. Evie's life. Her first dog, Cherry Coke, was a Boykin Spaniel who lived to be 13 years old! Dr. Evie's Boston Terrier, Louie, was her constant companion through dental school. Now Gryffindor, a 60 pound Sheepadoodle, is the resident fourth child in Dr. Evie's house!

Despite being a dentist, Dr. Evie struggled to find a toothbrush that effectively cleaned her dog's teeth. After an expensive sedation to remove calculus from Louie's teeth, she realized there had to be a better solution. What kind of tool could she create to make cleaning her dog's teeth at home easier? How could she save people money and help them avoid the risks of general anesthesia? This idea sparked a series of trial runs. Eventually, Waggletooh was born.  Dr. Evie is confident Waggletooth's sleek and simple design will become a staple in every dog owner's home.

Dr. Evie attended the University of Florida for undergrad, followed by the University of Maryland at Baltimore for her DDS. She currently resides in Chapel Hill, NC with her husband, three children, and dog Gryffindor. She continues to practice dentistry full-time.