The Easiest Way to Clean Your Dog's Teeth

Waggletooth is the only dental care line designed by a dentist for dogs and makes cleaning your dog's teeth safe and easy!


Brushing a Dog's Teeth is the MOST Effective Way to Prevent Periodontal Disease

Dog breath is not just a bad smell; it is an indication of gum disease. Periodontal disease (gum disease) is the most common oral disease in dogs. Just like in humans, periodontal gum disease can have negative health effects, and can signal the development of other serious medical conditions.  Dogs experience the world through their nose and mouth. If they do not have a healthy mouth, they cannot enjoy life! 

Oral Issues Caused by Dental Disease:

Bad Breath - Periodontal disease actually has a smell, which is often described as a fishy smell.

Mouth and Gum Pain - Your dog might not be able to tell you their gums hurt, but you might be able to see red, inflamed or even bleeding gums. You could also notice a loss of appetite as a result of the pain.

Tooth Loss - Fewer teeth mean it can be harder to chew and digest foods; it can also affect breathing ability. Did you know that small dogs are more prone to tooth loss, because they tend to have more crowding of their teeth?

Click here to see Dr. Evie, Waggletooth Founder, demonstrate proper brushing with the Waggletooth toothbrush and toothpaste.