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by Dentists, for Dogs

Designed by a leading dentist, this innovative dog toothbrush makes brushing your dog's teeth easy and safer.


Why Waggletooth?

The Waggletooth dog toothbrush gives you more control over the tooth brushing process.  The over-the-finger design allows you to control the amount of pressure you are applying and better judge where you are brushing in your dog's mouth.  Some of the most popular products on the market provide little to no bite protection.  This is particularly problematic in the early stages when you are training your dog to have their teeth brushed.  Our product is made from a stronger material, offering some protection against the nips that naturally occur when brushing a dog's teeth.  360-degree bristles ensure you are brushing all sides at the same time, making the cleaning process more efficient.  The result is a clean mouth and happy dog!