It's time to change doggy dental health. It's time for Waggletooth.

You have questions, we have answers!

What is the Waggletooth dog toothbrush?

The Waggletooth dog toothbrush is a patented toothbrush that provides 360-degree bristles and bite resistance, allowing you to more easily clean your dog's teeth. Created by a dentist, it can be used daily to prevent the buildup of plaque and calculus.

One size fits most?  My fingers are large and they don't seem to fit all the way into the toothbrush.  

Your finger does not need to reach the end of the Waggletooth. It's just important that it has a secure fit on a portion of your finger to prevent a choking incident. The Waggletooth is not intended as a chew toy and should not be given to dogs independent of owner use. Proper owner use and supervision is required.

Why 360-degree bristles?

This is part of the beauty of Waggletooth's design. We all know there is a limited amount of time that our pets will allow us in their mouths. By having bristles on all sides of the toothbrush, you are more likely to hit many surfaces at once.

Waggletooth removes plaque, but what about calculus?

Unfortunately, only a deep cleaning from your veterinarian will remove calculus from your dog's teeth. For best results, begin using Waggletooth once your dog's mouth size allows, or begin immediately following a deep clean at the vet.

What size dog does Waggletooth accommodate?  

This all depends on your dog's mouth size. The Waggletooth is approximately 2.75" x 1.25" x 1.25". This will accommodate large dogs and some smaller dog breeds.

Is the toothbrush bite proof?

NO! The Waggletooth is made from a strong TPE material that is intended to be bite resistant, not bite proof. It is possible for dogs to bite through the toothbrush with enough force. Each pet owner needs to use their own discretion in determining if their dog has the discipline to allow the owner to insert their finger into the pet's mouth.

Why green?

Because we like it!

How do I clean the Waggletooth?

Warm water and soap is sufficient. The Waggletooth should not be placed in boiling water or the microwave.

How often do I replace the Waggletooth?

Like most dental products, the Waggletooth should be replaced approximately every three months or at the first sign of wear and tear.

I have multiple dogs, can they share a Waggletooth toothbrush?

Do you want to share a toothbrush with your best friend? Individual discretion advised. ;-)

Why is the Waggletooth's over-the-finger design more advantageous than using a regular toothbrush or chew toy?
Dogs often use chew toys on one side of their mouths. It is not a guarantee of getting all teeth surfaces clean. With a finger toothbrush, the owner has more control over which surfaces they're cleaning and the level of vigor.