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November 27, 2017                                       


Chapel Hill, NC—November 27, 2017—Waggletooth, LLC, an oral healthcare company for dogs founded by a human dentist, today announced the availability of the Waggletooth® dog toothbrush kit online. The three-item bundle includes the Waggletooth Dog Toothbrush, Waggletooth 3 oz. Enzymatic Unflavored Toothpaste, and Waggletooth 8 oz. Sparkling Breath Water Additive. The MSRP for each product is $12.95.  Wholesale pricing is also available for retailers interested in carrying Waggletooth products.

Designed by dentist and lifelong dog owner Julienne “Evie” Sabet, DDS, the innovative Waggletooth dog finger toothbrush makes brushing pet teeth easy and safer. The toothbrush is a one-piece finger sheath with a 360-degree bristle design that makes cleaning more efficient. The toothbrush is bite resistant, BPA-free, and made from FDA-compliant material. It is best suited for medium to large dogs but can be used for smaller dogs with proper technique. A toothbrush for small dogs will be available in 2018. 

“The over-the-finger design of the Waggletooth Dog Toothbrush enables owners to control the amount of pressure they apply and better judge where they are brushing in their dog’s mouths,” said Dr. Sabet. “Some of the most popular products on the market provide little to no bite protection. This is particularly problematic in the early stages when training dogs to have their teeth brushed. Our product is made from stronger material, offering some protection against nips that naturally occur when brushing a dog’s teeth. ”   

Waggletooth’s soft-bristled dog toothbrush is made in the USA with non-toxic dye. The unflavored dog toothpaste and finger brush together help maintain clean teeth and gum health. The toothpaste is a veterinarian-balanced formulation made with human-grade ingredients for superior safety and quality. Waggletooth’s breath-freshening water additive targets odor-causing bacteria in a dog’s mouth when applied to the pet’s water bowl.

“Dental disease is the most common disease in dogs and periodontal disease is prevalent,” added Dr. Sabet. “Thankfully, and with the right knowledge, it is possible to reduce or even prevent dental and periodontal disease in dogs.” 

About Waggletooth, LLC

Waggletooth, LLC, is privately owned and based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Waggletooth offers a complete line of oral healthcare products for dogs. Founder Dr. Evie Sabet knows teeth; she is a human dentist with an interest in pet oral health. Waggletooth products are available online at

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