It's time to change doggy dental health. It's time for Waggletooth.

Repeat after me: Brush - don't chew!

What happens the first time we want to brush a dog's teeth with a Waggletooth?  They bite it!  The Waggletooth is a durable product, designed to provide bite resistance, but it is by no means a bite proof material.  The reason we bring up this point is that proper training is a necessity when teaching a dog to have their teeth brushed.  Ideally - this education should start from day 1.  Waggletooth - and most dog toothbrushes - are not designed to be chew toys.  The sides of the dog's teeth should be brushed (outside and by the tongue).  Because of the nature of canine teeth, the top parts do not need to be scrubbed.  Thus, extend the life of your Waggletooth by using discipline and teaching your dog proper technique.  Remember - Waggletooths should never be used on dogs who have a history of biting or who are not well-trained enough to cooperate with the owner during the process!

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